Andres Acosta/ El Paso Herald-Post

El Paso Locomotive FC unveils Locomotive Youth Soccer Club

Wednesday morning, El Paso Locomotive FC unveiled a new frontier for youth soccer in the El Paso community, launching the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club ahead of the 2020-21 youth soccer season.

“The Locomotive Youth Soccer Club will provide tremendous opportunities for local youth soccer players,” Bob Bigney, Locomotive FC Director of Youth Soccer shared.

“We have the top youth coaches in the area already on-board and will be looking for more coaches to join our Club. We have already identified many high-quality players that we will invite to join our teams and other interested players may contact us about team placement. The Locomotive Youth Soccer Club will provide a huge boost to the local youth soccer landscape.”

Bigney holds his US Soccer ‘A’ License, his Premier Coaching Diploma from United Soccer Coaches, and his National Youth License from US Soccer. He has worked in youth soccer for more than 30 years, serving as the Technical Director for New Mexico Youth Soccer, the Director of Coaching for Oregon Youth Soccer and has run top-level youth soccer clubs in several locations in the US.

With a direct connection to the Locomotive FC professional team, the new Youth Soccer Club embodies the United Soccer League (USL) “Pathway-to-Pro” vision. The Locomotive Youth Soccer Club will provide young players with the opportunity to develop alongside the first team, learning the core values and winning mentality that are central to Locomotive FC culture, while discovering their full potential.

The Club will support teams in various age groups and will play in elite events locally, regionally, and nationally.

The Locomotive Youth Soccer Club will aid young players in their development to become a part of the next generation of quality soccer players in El Paso. With an initial emphasis on elite teams within the Club, Locomotive Youth Soccer intends to expand to include younger age groups and opportunities for both girls and boys who are focused on playing at a recreational level.

“With Locomotive FC striving to win the USL Championship, it is valuable to have a strong youth soccer structure connected with the pro team,” Mark Lowry, Head Coach of Locomotive FC, commented. “Having youth players learning the Locomotive structure and culture will allow us to develop and identify players to advance to the next level.”

Locomotive FC takes this next step in youth soccer development having previously competed in high level events such as the FC Juarez Copa Bravos and the USL Academy Cup.

Club officials add that, running alongside established Locomotive Programs such as Lil’ Locos, the Player Development Program (PDP) and Soccer Camps Program, the Locomotive Youth Soccer Club will open new windows of opportunity for the El Paso community.

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