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El Paso Museum of Archaeology Invites Community to New Exhibit, Rock Art, The Beginning of Artistic Expression

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology (EPMarch) invites the community to a new exhibition, Rock Art, The Beginning of Artistic Expression on view starting Saturday, September 24.

The exhibit features artwork by artist Brian Bystedt, who for more than seven years has been photographing and rendering prehistoric rock art of the American Southwest into metal and slate artwork. His artwork is motivated and inspired by archaeology, anthropology, geology, photography, an interest in art, and a fundamental inquisitiveness about a man’s journey that plays a critical part in bringing his artwork forward in time.

“Brian Bystedt’s artwork give the community an opportunity to view and enjoy ancient artwork without compromising the original work that helps preserve very fragile heritage,” said El Paso Museum of Archaeology Director Sebastian Ribas-Normand.

The showcased artwork is based on rock art created by the Jornada Mogollon. The exhibit is complemented with information, artifacts and other images of petroglyps and pictographs highlighting the rich culture of the Jornada people that lived in our region in between AD 200 and 1450.

This exhibit is a collaboration of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology with Bryan Bystedt, artist and owner of Rendition Arts LLC.

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