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El Paso Museum of Art offers free Virtual Art Workshops

The El Paso Museum of Art may be closed but the cultural institution is showcasing a variety of free, online workshops on its website as part of the Art School Program. 

The museum continues to maintain a vibrant digital presence through remote learning. The online workshops are led by different local artists and focus on various types of art, from jewelry making to oil painting.

“The interactive classes are designed to guide everyday people to create art and gain a better understanding of it,” museum officials added.

Participants can create their own art pieces from home with designated artists describing the process step by step and providing a list of materials needed for each workshop.

The following Virtual Workshops are available on the El Paso Museum of Art website:

Virtual Workshops

  • Still Life Acrylic Painting
  • Anamorphic Drawing
  • Ceramic Incense Burner
  • Moiré Patterns
  • Narrative Jewelry
  • Oil Painting Portrait

In addition, the museum will also be posting downloadable activities for the whole family as part of the Virtual Family Guide.

New workshops will be announced on the El Paso Museum of Art Facebook and Instagram social media sites.

For more information on the Virtual Workshops and other online activities, visit the El Paso Museum of History online.