El Paso Museum of Art to Hold Celebration of Life for Artist John Houser on Wednesday

The XII Travelers board and the El Paso Museum of Art will host a public Celebration of Life for El Paso artist and sculptor John Houser.

Houser is the creator of the XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest, a project that was inspired by an illustration in a book by fellow El Paso artist Tom Lea. The project was started in 1988 as a way to bring tourism and promote economic development.

The 12 memorials depict a diverse group of figures from the region’s history. Three of these memorials, Fray Garcia de San Francisco, the Equestrian and Susan Magoffin were completed during his lifetime. A fourth sculpture of Benito Juarez is in process and will be completed by Mr. Houser’s son Ethan.

For more information, visit the XII Travelers website.

Who:              The XII Travelers Board and the El Paso Museum of Art

What:             Celebration of Life for John Houser

When:            Wednesday, March 21, 12 p.m.

Where:           1 Arts Festival Plaza