• January 25, 2022
 Letter to the Editor: El Paso News Anchors Recite Creepy Sinclair Propaganda

Letter to the Editor: El Paso News Anchors Recite Creepy Sinclair Propaganda

El Paso TV news anchors, Maese and Dodson from KDBC Channel 4, and Castillo and Holguin from KFox Channel 14, were forced to recite the same creepy Sinclair propaganda message on air last month.

Sinclair Broadcast Group required its journalists to parrot one of President Trump’s most consistent talking points — an allegation that the mainstream media cannot be trusted. These video segments are now being slammed as “hostage” videos and amount to no more than a corporate piece of propaganda.  Sinclair’s claim of balanced reporting is now totally undermined by its own ‘must-run segments.’ This is dangerous to our democracy.

Our local stations are also required to run right-wing commentary segments, including segments by former Trump advisers. Sinclair uses their platforms to push their own bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think.’

Our free press is sacrosanct to who we are as a people and is the cornerstone of our democracy. We, the people, are not okay with this. We hold our institutions dear and we depend on our local news to give us honest, unbiased news. Saying that you are giving us professional honest reporting while spewing a propaganda message parroted across the country by brainwashed cult members bashing the first amendment is the exact opposite of that. They have lost my confidence and have lost me as a viewer.

Alison Minish-Ford


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  • I find this to be very disturbing that Sinclair Broadcasting is buying up most of America’s TV stations and enforcing a Russian style format. Where their news cast are told what they can say on television or be axed and fired. They’ve taken over KDBC and KFOX here in El Paso and rumor has it that they are also after KVIA as they also own FOX NEWS. Whom I refer to as FOXTARD FAKE NEWS due to it’s paranoia propaganda hogwash lies. You watch this FOX NEWS GARBAGE you’ll become brainwashed addicted as most El Paso republicans already are. It’s a huge difference from the other normal tv news networks including cable not affiliated with Sinclair Broadcasting. These stations are true American Patriot TV networks representing freedom of the press, freedom of speech! NBC,ABC and on cable it’s MSNBC,and CNN. Once these stations get taken over by Sinclair Broadcasting and may GOD FORBID they don’t! Moscow Russia will make it easier to take over the minds of some American Dotard Morons with it’s propaganda rhetoric lies.
    We all know who watches FOX NEWS and gets all of his advise from Sean Hannity then goes on a bizarre tweetstorm pathetic rage.
    COME ON AMERICA! WAKE UP!! Russia is knocking on your back doors.as George W. Bush once said about Vladimir Putin, he’s a good man I can see inside his soul. And Sinclair broadcasting with Boris Epshteyn and Sebastian Gorka, if you don’t know who they are you best better find out and do some research. Well never mind that the Russians are coming, they are already here.
    If you don’t believe me,then why is it that Russian media informs us everytime Donald Trump speaks to Vladimir Putin by telephone? About ten times already go figure when Donald Trump had Russian spies Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak inside the White House! Trump didn’t allow any of the US media inside the White House, it was the Russian media that informed us all since Trump only allowed the Russian media to videotaped that meeting of those three Comrades.
    Also Fox News attacks Americas number one agency that is supposed to protect us all from our adversaries which is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI, that is why it is very important for # MAGA! MUELLER AIN’T GOING AWAY. Our democracy and freedom depends on a full investigation,please make it happen. IMPEACHMENT followed by LOCK EM ALL UP!
    Also watch out for Ted Cruz and Cambridge Analytica, yeap I reckon he’s one of them to.

  • Every oppressive government regime thru history has used this method to wield power over their populations. Hitler, Stalin and Mao all gained control over knowledge and information and then used this control to subjugate people to their purpose. Our founding fathers had the foresight to understand the risk and the damage done when government seeks not to serve the will of the people, but to have people serve the will of government. they understood the purpose and the importance of the voice of dissent, of protest, to form our own opinions and viewpoints and express them is not only our right as citizens but is the bedrock of our democracy. And they understood the damage and risk when knowledge and information is fully under government control. Our current President and the media outlets which support the repression of dissent are the treat to our democracy and if we do not change this path we all will become servants to our government and not citizens of it.

  • Just as interesting is that Sinclair tries to hide its ownership. I went to the KDBC website and ownership was omitted. I went to the FCC website and ownership was listed as KDBC LLC, of Washington DC. Only when I went to wikipedia and serached for Sinclair station call letters did I find KDBC listed as Sinclair’s asset.

    Just so we know, Fox TV14 and KDBC TV4 are El Paso’s Sinclair-owned stations. We all know what Fox is, and what they stand for, and how to interpret their “news”, but the public has few protections when our CBS affiliate is a conduit for Sinclair “news”. I feel quite bad for the TV4 newscasters who must sell a piece of themselves to keep their jobs.

    This is outrageous.

  • Sinclair Producer Who Resigned To Protest ‘Obvious Bias’ Turns Out To Be A Left-Wing Activist

    A producer for a Sinclair-owned TV station, who resigned in protest of the company’s “obvious bias,” isn’t quite the unbiased journalist CNN portrayed him to be. KHGI TV producer Justin Simmons resigned following a Sinclair promotion that warned against “fake news” and national media outlets practicing dishonest journalism.

    The promo, which was widely condemned among liberal journalists, was “almost forcing local news anchors to lie to their viewers,” Simmons told CNN reporter Brian Stelter.

    CNN’s coverage portrayed Simmons’ resignation as part of a broader clash between apolitical local journalists and conservative-leaning Sinclair executives. What CNN’s coverage didn’t note is Simmons is a proud left-wing activist.

    Simmons tweeted in April 2016 about taking part in a protest against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, which left-wing political group Democracy Spring organized. “When we took over @SpeakerRyan ‘s podium protesting to #GetMoneyOut at a @DemSpring protest,” wrote Simmons, linking to video from the protest.

    Source: Daily Caller

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