El Paso Opera announces 2019-2020 Resident Artists, free performances

As part of their new community outreach program, El Paso Opera officials unveiled their new ‘First Fridays series.’

According to El Paso Opera officials, First Fridays will be free performances on the first Friday of every month with a different location each month.

“With this monthly First Fridays series, El Paso Opera will provide free performances throughout El Paso for the community to enjoy,”  Arianne Marcee, El Paso Opera’s Executive Director shared.

“Opera is a beautiful artform which should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, demographic and financial circumstance.  Providing free performances allows us to ensure enjoyment by the masses.”

The First Fridays performances will be headlined by the Opera’s new Resident Artists.

“We are thrilled to welcome these talented singers into the El Paso Opera family and have them represent us around town,” Marcee added.

In addition, Resident Artists will be joined by El Paso Opera’s Resident Pianist, Guillermo de la Garza.

The 2019-2020 Resident Artists are:

-Amy Ramspoth, soprano.⁣
-Emilie Merritt, mezzo soprano.⁣
-Heather Dials, soprano.⁣
-Sarah Neely, soprano.⁣
-Holly Mesarch, soprano.⁣
-Taylor Trolia-Giron, soprano.⁣
-Emilie Merritt, mezzo-soprano.⁣

To see the schedule of El Paso Opera free performances, visit their website or Facebook page.