El Paso PRIDEFest Celebrates 10 Years with Parties, Events and Parade

With events scheduled from Wet N Wild in the West to a PRIDE Night with the Chihuahuas to a downtown parade and party, El Paso Sun City Pride‘s annual PRIDEFest is truly an community event.

Carlos Salais, EPSCP’s Parade Director says the blossoming of the event year to year, shows the city’s progress.

“El Paso has come a long way, there is more acceptance to the LGBTQI community but there is still more to do,” Salais says, “we are lucky to have the support of our elected officials and city as a whole.”

For their 10th anniversary El Paso Sun City Pride, and their Pride Partners the EP Chihuahuas, will have Chico as this year’s Grand Marshal for the annual Sun City Pride Parade.  The Parade is set for Saturday, June 3 and starts at 10am, with the route starting at Houston Park and ending in downtown. (see map below)

Joining Chico will be Texas State Senator Jose Rodriguez, an ally in the Texas Legislature, and a defender of LGBTQI Rights.

According to their website, the El Paso Sun City Pride (EPSCP) Organization was established in 2007 to serve as the Social Directors of the El Paso LGBT community and to bring the great City of El Paso a PRIDE Celebration it rightfully deserves.  Since that day ten years ago, the organization has overseen celebrations that have grown, both in attendance and popularity.

One of the main goals of  EPSCP and the PRIDEFest events is to help raise awareness to the on-going struggle for civil rights within the LGBT community and help fellow residents discover the thriving community in El Paso.

As for the next 10 years, Salais sees big things.

“It will be Amazing!!! This year we have built great partnerships….we just finished our first major event of PRIDE 2017 at the El Paso Zoo…we had over 700 guest, and it was amazing seeing families come to our event. We are now also partners with Walgreens, so the next 10 years will just be bigger and better.”

In addition to the PRIDE Week events, EPSCP helps the community by “providing scholarship opportunities to increase the education in our community and increase the diversity, visibility & unity, in and between, the LGBT & Straight communities of El Paso and the surrounding areas.”

Of their overall mission, and the goal of PRIDE Week, Salais simply says, “It’s simply about  the love and acceptance of one another.”

For a complete schedule of events, and to purchase tickets, visit El Paso Sun City Pride’s website.