Clip courtesy EP Water

El Paso Water rolls out video to help residents understand utility’s work

As millions of gallons of water travel through pipes, pumps and faucets around the city, residents rarely give it a second thought.  Now, officials with El Paso Water want to give customers an insight into the crews and responsibility that go along with that task.

“I want our customers to know that we care about what we do because we are also part of the community,” said Ruben Rodriguez, Environmental Compliance Manager.

We Are El Paso Water is a video message about the work performed daily to provide El Paso with water services.  The video introduces some of the dedicated individuals who take pride in managing water, wastewater and stormwater services.

Utility officials point out that, every day, scores of workers ensure customers can open faucets, flush toilets, and maintain landscapes; every employee carries the large responsibility of serving the community with the common goal of enhancing the vitality of El Paso.

“It is important to show customers what we do,” said Alonzo Fierro, Field Customer Service Inspector.

Officials say the pandemic tested the resiliency of EPWater, and essential employees proved without a doubt that they could continue providing a full range of reliable water services without interruption.  EPWater understands the value of water and the culture of innovation makes the utility a leader in the water industry.

“We have zero room for error, and I’m proud of our work,” said Eric Dubrule, Wastewater Lift Station Superintendent.

Officials add that ‘We are El Paso Water’  is more than just a slogan; it is a symbol of the utility’s commitment to the community because employees are customers too.”