• June 24, 2022
 El Paso Zoo Set To Welcome Several New Additions

Photo: EP Zoo

El Paso Zoo Set To Welcome Several New Additions

On Tuesday, officials with the El Paso Zoo announced the pending arrival of several animals.

Asian wild horse, Brianna, is expecting a new arrival. Recently transferred to El Paso from the National Zoo, she is part of a cooperative breeding program among accredited zoos entitled the Species Survival Program™. Asian wild horses were once extinct in the wild and zoos are assisting in their successful recovery and reintroduction into their native ranges in Mongolia.

The El Paso Zoo staff also suspects that at least two of the Pronghorn antelope are also expecting. Along with two other U.S. zoos, El Paso is cooperating in breeding the highly endangered subspecies of pronghorn found on the Mexican Baja peninsula. Zoo staff have helped at facilities in Baja during calving season.

Makena, the new addax also known as a white antelope, is also expecting. Addaxes are seriously endangered over their entire African desert habitat.

The El Paso Zoo is also happy to report that the pair of roadrunners are building a nest for spring. The birds are comfortable in their newly renovated South American aviary. The roadrunner is a common species that can be found here in El Paso.

The El Paso Zoo welcomes everyone to visit, enjoy and learn more about all of the animals at the zoo. For more information, visit the El Paso Zoo website.

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