Photo courtesy THOP

El Paso Zoo thanks Hospitals of Providence Radiology Team for help with Rudo the Lion

Thursday afternoon, staff with the El Paso Zoo recognized and thanked the Radiology team at The Hospitals of Providence for their commitment and dedication to help diagnose Rudo the Lion last month.

Rudo was taken to The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus in August to undergo a MRI scan with the hopes of diagnosing his illness.

The team performed a successful MRI which discovered a severe inflammatory spinal cord lesion in his neck, which was inoperable.

Although Rudo did not survive, The El Paso Zoo wanted to thank The Hospitals  of Providence for being able to accommodate Rudo and supplying his medical team with the needed scans to make care decisions.

The El Paso Zoo presented the Radiology team with a photo of Rudo and his paw print to show their appreciation


Photo courtesy THOP