El Paso’s Hello Amigo Agency wins design award

Thursday morning, officials with Hello Amigo announced that their firm had two logo designs featured in the latest series of LogoLounge.

Agency officials share that LogoLounge is an online research and networking tool used by graphic designers. The tool allows designers to share their work and search the database of uploaded identities to review ideas and the way different creatives visualize brands and services.

The best identities are curated into the annual book.

“It’s humbling and exciting to have some of our work chosen, among over 43,000 logos, to be part of LogoLounge Book 12! And it’s all thanks to our amazing Hello Amigo team and wonderful clients,” said Armando Alvarez Creative Director at Hello Amigo.

The two identities, Horses for Heroes and Mid-West Textile, were included in the annual book that features top identities created by designers from around the world.

Horses for Heroes is a community project of the Junior League of El Paso. Volunteers of JLEP partner with Compadres Therapy, Inc. to provide and expand equine-assisted therapy to the El Paso military and veteran communities.

Local business, Mid-West Textile, is a leader in the textile recycling industry, reducing post-consumer waste and providing new supply chains for national and international businesses.


“Working with the Hello Amigo team has been amazing,” said Leyla Zeidan Safa, President of JLEP.

“We (the Junior League of El Paso) have given them challenges in creating individual logos and themes while still maintaining our Junior League Brand identity. This particular logo for Horses for Heroes needed to appeal to our military families as well as children. The balance between strength and softness really shines through.”

“Our new logo has created a sophisticated and new image for our company,” said Alejandra Martinez, Sales & Marketing Director at Mid-West Textile Co. “We love the tree integration and the global image which propagates our vision of repurposing preowned clothing around the globe.”

Previously, Hello Amigo has had 10 identities featured in eight of the LogoLounge books.