El Paso’s Saba Investments formalizes investment in Parallel Health

Borderplex technology fund, SABA Investments announced Monday that they had formalized a 100k investment into Parallel Health

Co-Founders Natalise Kalea Robinson, MBA and Nathan Brown, PhD are at the helm of the company and bring with them deep expertise in biotech, microbial systems, and consumer health.

“If there is anything that 2020 taught us, it is that there is a parallel microbial world that lives amongst us, and it directly impacts both our lifespan and healthspan,” says Dr. Brown. “Our mission is to empower people with real science to make meaningful decisions about the products they use every day.”

Parallel Health reached out to Saba Investments because of its passion for development, growth, and improving lives through cutting-edge innovation.

“It has been incredibly important to us to bring on investment partners that are like-minded and want to change the world through consumer-facing biotechnology. We’re grateful that Saba Investments embraces our vision of precision health,” said Natalise Kalea Robinson, CEO of Parallel Health.

According to officials, with the funds acquired through SABA, Parallel Health will continue their development using genomic sequencing to build out skin microbiome tests, as well as precision formulations.

After these developments, they will be working with dermatologists to conduct clinical trials by the end of the year.

“Parallel Health is based in San Francisco but will be establishing an office at the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) here in El Paso. Additionally, they will be conducting their clinical trials through the MCA. Saba Investments considers personalized health to be the wave of the future and will continue to work with the MCA to bring companies to our region,” said Alab Abbott, co-founder of SABA Investments.

Officials share that, powered by genomics, Parallel is a clean, science-based skin microbiome health company providing best-in-class testing and precision skincare formulations.

“Parallel is designed to help you understand your skin microbiome and find the right products that will work for you. Based on your skin microbiome sequencing data, they provide personalized, targeted microbial-based skin and body products for optimal skin health, clarity, and anti-aging effects,” officials shared via a news release.

To do that, they are embarking on a massive research study, where they aim to learn about your skin microbiome, and are currently accepting participants across the US that are 18 or older to participate in their IRB-approved study.