El Paso’s Tricia Martinez Gives You Your Step By Step Guide For The Easiest Thanksgiving Of Your Life! (Holiday Series)


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Thanksgiving is so fun! All the food, all the family, all the football! For the host, all that translates into is all the hassle, but this is the first in a series of articles that you can check out to help make your Thanksgiving less of a pain in the butt and more of a day you’ll really enjoy.


First things first – make a menu. That sounds easy but what happens after you get past turkey, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes? And when the hell are you supposed to find the time to get all that shopping, prep work, and cooking done? You’re not. You have guests coming and just like the pilgrims and Native Americans at that first Thanksgiving (depending on which First Thanksgiving story you celebrate), everyone is going to contribute. If you’re showing up to my house, you’re not showing up empty-handed. When you get your menu together, figure out which dish fits the competency level of which guest and then assign them that dish. You’re the project manager for this feast, you make the rules – your guests just have to fulfill their job requirement.


Second – Make sure you give everyone their assignment with at least a week’s notice. That means you better get working on your menu and your guest’s assignments ASAP. They’ll have to shop, prep, and cook just like you so make sure they have as much head’s up as possible.


Lastly – Don’t panic if things aren’t the way you would do them. This is time for gathering and enjoying each other’s company. Yes, there is a lot of pressure to make the meal and the day perfect but when the two major events of the day are food and football a little chillaxin’ is in order. I mean, unless you’re the scion of a family who came over on the Mayflower and you are sitting on a pile of old family money, most of your guests are just going to be looking forward to stuffing their faces and sitting around to watch the game. They’re not going to worry if the gravy is in a silver-plated boat or in a cereal bowl on the card table you put up because you needed more seating.


 Are you still reading? Why are you not working on your menu?

You don’t have much time so get moving, and stay tuned for the next article A Silver-Plated Gravy Boat? Do I Really Need One Of Those??