• December 1, 2021
 1241a FINAL – ELECTION2016: Clinton Concedes; Donald J. Trump Elected 45th President of the US.

1241a FINAL – ELECTION2016: Clinton Concedes; Donald J. Trump Elected 45th President of the US.

1241a: CBS News: Hillary Clinton has called to concede the race; Donald J. Trump Elected 45th President of the United States.

12:35a: Projections – CNN/AP call Wisconsin for Trump. AP calling election for Donald Trump. Other outlets have not followed suit

12:25a: EP County Elections Dept – 49.9% Voter Turnout, exceeds 2008 Numbers

12:15a: Via NBC News –  Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate, @NBCNews projects

12:05a: Via NY Times: John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair: We’re not going to have “anything more to say tonight”

12a: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Clinton takes Maine

11:50p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Trump takes Alaska

1145p:  Via NBC News – Exit poll: Majorities of non-white voters express profound concerns about a Trump presidency

10:50p:  El Paso Election Issues Update  

         EPISD Bond : Yes 55.18% | No 44.82%

         EP County Sheriff:  Richard Wiles 64.38% | Tom Buchino 35.62%       

10:35p: Electoral College Update: Clinton 215 | Trump 244

10:25p:  CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Clinton takes Nevada

10p: Electoral College Update: Clinton 209 | Trump 244

9:45p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Clinton takes Washington State | Trump takes Georgia

Via NBC –  Dow Jones futures plummeted by more than 700 points

9:40p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Trump takes Iowa

9:35p: Electoral College Update: Clinton 197 | Trump 222

9:30p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Trump takes Florida

9:25p: El Paso Races:

EPISD Bond – 53.8% YES | 46.1% NO

EP County Sheriff – Richard Wiles: 64.6% | Tom Buchino 35.3%

9:20p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Trump takes Utah | Clinton takes Oregon

9:15p: Electoral College Update: Clinton 190 | Trump 187

9:08p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Trump Takes North Carolina

9:05p: Electoral College Update: Clinton 190 | Trump 172

9p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections: Clinton Takes California, Hawaii /Trump takes Idaho

8:45p: Electoral College Update: Trump 168  to Clinton 131

8:40p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Clinton takes Colorado

835p: Electoral College Update: Trump 168  to Clinton 122

830p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Clinton takes Virginia / Trump takes Ohio

8:20p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Clinton takes New Mexico

8:15p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Missouri

8:05pCBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Montana

8p: Key race updates: Trump 136 | Clinton 104,  

Early vote #’s:  EP County Sheriff: Wiles 91,909 | Buchino 50,322  /  EPISD Bond: 29,766 for | 26,889 against, 

7:45p:  CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Louisiana, Clinton wins Connecticut

7:15p: El Paso Early Vote Totals –

EPISD Bond Election

FOR (A FAVOR) 29,766 52.54%
AGAINST (EN CONTRA) 26,889 47.46%

El Paso County Sheriff
THOMAS TOM BUCHINO (REP) 50,322 35.38%
RICHARD D. WILES (DEM) 91,909 64.62%

Dist 23 Congressional Race

WILL HURD (REP) 2,012 14.76%
PETE P. GALLEGO (DEM) 11,156 81.87%

7:00p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections –  Electoral Vote Totals: Clinton 97 | Trump 123

   Trump takes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas, Kansas

             Clinton takes New York

6:55p: El Paso County Early Vote Totals set for release at 7pm.

6:40p: Via LA Times –  Clinton is up in Texas by fewer than 50,000 votes right now.

6:35p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Electoral Vote Totals: Clinton 68 | Trump 66

6:30p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Alabama

6:20p: CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Electoral Vote Totals: Clinton 68 | Trump 57

           Clinton takes Massachusetts

615p:  Via CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Mississippi

610p:  Via CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes South Carolina,Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee;

           Clinton takes District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey,  Rhode Island

5:50p: Via Huffington Post: At 8 p.m. EST, polls close in: AL CT DE DC FL IL ME MD MA MS MO NH NJ OK PA RI TN

5:45p: Via NBC News – Former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush abstain from voting for the presidency.

5:30p: Via CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump Takes West Virginia 

5:15p: Via NPR:  Need a moment of zen? We have artists painting the map as it turns red and blue. Tune in. Breathe deep.

5:05p: Via CBS/ABC/CNN Projections – Trump takes Kentucky, Indiana = 19 electoral votes;  Clinton takes Vermont = 3 electoral votes

4:40p: Via Twitter – @RealBenCarson is LIVE on Twitter discussing #Election2016 with @BuzzFeedNews. Go to election.twitter.com to watch!Need a moment of zen? We have artists painting the map as it turns red and blue. Tune in. Breathe deep.

4:10p: Via Associated Press – Seven in 10 Americans voting Tuesday say immigrants in the country illegally should be allowed to stay.

4:05p: Via USA Today – The first polls begin closing at 6 p.m. ET in parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

Clip courtesy CNN/Mashable

4p: Via CNN – BREAKING: A nonprofit has gone to court in North Carolina asking for polls in Durham County to be kept open another 90 minutes.

3:50p: Via Mashable – Donald Trump just wanted to double check Melania voted for him.

3:40p: Via NPR – Arizona is leaning Republican. Polls close there at 10 pm ET. See how other states are leaning here.

3:25p:  Via ABC News –  NEW: 54% of voters see Clinton unfavorably, while 61% say so of Trump, per preliminary exit poll results.

3p: Greetings and welcome to our ‘By the Minure’ coverage of #Election2016.  We’ll be monitoring all the national feeds for stories, interesting tidbits and anything that we feel is newsworthy regarding this historic election.

Polls are set to close on the East Coast in about two hours, however exit polling data will be available right after 3p (Mountain Time)


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