• December 5, 2021

Guest Column: Embracing the True Spirit of the Holidays

This time of year brings to my mind so much goodness that I have been fortunate to observe and experience. Every day, a myriad of brand new discoveries, opportunities, and encounters abound at home, at work, or as we go about our daily business and routines.

Some discoveries, opportunities, and encounters are very tiny, and then there are others that leave us in awe. Still there are those are neither tiny nor daunting; they are simple, yet comforting, and help place a smile on our faces and maybe even bring a stir to our hearts.

Sometimes we are so focused on the not-so-good parts of our days to the point that all the goodness right before our eyes becomes “an invisibility” – not just to our eyes, but to our hearts, and to our minds, and even to our longing souls.

Everyone, no matter how insignificant and unimportant he or she may seem in our view of who does and does not have value and worth in our lives, is in reality extremely important, valuable,  and very worthwhile by virtue of their very existence and humanity.

In this time of year, we are reminded that things like position, possessions, titles, financial enjoyment, social attractiveness, and made-up images we project of ourselves do not define us in the least bit.

Perhaps, they have some importance on a limited peripheral level, but that’s all. What defines us, if we live the spirit of this special holiday season, is who we are in terms of our character, our integrity, our passion for good, our positive attitudes, and our goodwill towards others.

It is there that we find the genuine and most authentic greatness of individuals. Let us, therefore, live in the spirit of such holiday reality, for it is then that we can truly come to find and embrace the purity of what joy to the world really means.

We are all in this together. You and I should always be ready and willing to help our fellow men and women, when they occasionally trip and fall, by helping them to get back up and continue moving forward. One day someone trips, another day, another too will trip, and then it will be me.

This holiday season, let others know that they are important to us.  Abigail Van Buren once said that “The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference.” Hence, let us not be indifferent towards others we relate to, be it family, friends, co-workers, or even people we may meet on the street. Let’s seize the moment to make them feel the warmth of this holiday season every day of our lives.

Allow me, friends, to leave you with this final thought someone once shared with me: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Let’s live this holiday spirit today, tomorrow, and always!


Author – Oscar G. Gabaldon, Jr., CWLS, became a lawyer in May 1982. He has also served as a judge for the Child Protection Court for many years, and now works in the City Attorney’s Office as a Litigator and as the Police Legal Advisor.


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