Emergence celebrates important milestone during Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness Month, EHN is highlighting Tools2Thrive created to help individuals identify what they can do throughout their daily lives to prioritize mental health, build resiliency, and continue to cope with the obstacles of COVID19.  

Officials share that this Tool Kit includes resources to help someone start the conversation about the importance of mental health, learn simple hacks to calm emotions, find Instagram accounts to boost your mood and learn how gratitude improves mental health.  To learn more click here.

“We know that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being and now more than ever, through the COVID19 pandemic it is critical to reduce the stigma around mental health struggles that prevents individuals from seeking help,” said Kristi Daugherty Emergence Health Network Chief Executive Officer. “When it comes to getting help, EHN has been serving our residents for decades. This year we are celebrating 55 years in our community which is a testament to the quality care we provide.”

While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health.

“Mental health conditions are prevalent in our nation but with effective treatment, those individuals with mental health conditions can recover and lead full, productive lives,” said Dr. Marcelo Rodriguez-Chevres, Emergence Health Network Psychologist.

“There are practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health and increase resiliency, regardless of the situations they are dealing with. In addition, knowing when to turn to friends, family, and co-workers when you are struggling with life’s challenges can help improve your mental health as well and if needed it’s important to connect with mental health professionals who can help,” added Rodriguez-Chèvres.

 If you or someone you know is struggling with challenging emotions call the Emergence Health Network (EHN) 24-hr Crisis Hotline.

EHN Mental Health 24-hour-Crisis Hotline  915-779-1800