Emergence Health Network Offers Help for People Struggling with Eating Disorders

As National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 26, 2018 through Sunday March 4, 2018, one local health network looks to help those El Pasoans struggling with the disorders.

“This week, Emergence Health Network (EHN) wants to stress the importance of getting help because often people with eating disorders deny or don’t realize there is a problem,” said Noreen Jaramillo, EHN Director of Communications. “That’s why we need to get the word out and let people know that the chance for recovery increases the earlier an eating disorder is detected.”

According to EHN officials,  an estimated 30 million Americans are impacted by an eating disorder; with more than 800,000 of them are in Texas alone.  Additionally, 1 person dies every 62 minutes as a direct result of an eating disorder.

Four of Ten Americans have either suffered or have known someone who has suffered from an eating disorder

EHN has licensed clinicians, trained in several therapeutic approaches to serve those in our community who are dealing with an eating disorder.

“Eating disorders are serious illnesses that can result in devastating physical and psychological suffering for the person who is struggling with it. In fact, eating disorders have the highest fatality rate of any mental illness,” said Celeste Nevarez, EHN Licensed Professional Counselor.

Warning Signs

Constantly thinking about food, weight, or body image
Experience guilt or shame around eating
Feel out of control when it comes to food
Bing eat twice a week or more
Still feel fat when others say you are thin
You weigh yourself several times daily
Vomit after eating
Uses of laxatives or diuretics to keep weight down
Severely limit food intake

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