Emergence launches new podcast with focus on Wellness During COVID19 Pandemic

Thursday, officials with Emergence Health Network announced a new podcast, designed to address wellness and health during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“The goal is to address all aspects of our lives that make up our well-being, which is especially important these days. Season One will include 11 episodes related to COVID-19.  Our mental health professionals will explore topics such as grief, parenting, patient care, the importance of self-care and financial wellness during times of uncertainty,” said Celeste Nevarez, Emergence Health Network Clinical Services Chief.

The ‘ This is Wellness with Emergence Health Network’ is produced via a collaborated effort between Emergence Health Network, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, and The Meadows Foundation.

“We are excited about this initiative because it is another resource available to our community and for those throughout Texas,” added Kristi Daugherty, Emergence Health Network Chief Executive Officer.

“We invite everyone to take some time for themselves, listen in and discover how to care for their well-being.”

This is Wellness with Emergence Health Network Podcast is available via:

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