Emergence’s Virtual Calming Room now available to area residents

Emergence Health Network, together with the Texas Health and Human Services Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) announced Wednesday the launch of its new CCP Relaxation Virtual Calming Room

“We are very excited about this new initiative because with so much going on in our world these days, especially with the stressors of COVID-19 a calming room can be very beneficial,” said Kristi Daugherty, Emergence Health Network Chief Executive Officer.

“This is a place where you can go to find tools and strategies for managing your emotions and feelings. It’s about self-care and by taking just a few minutes a day to focus on relaxation, you can reduce the negative effects of chronic stress on your overall well-being.”

Emergence officials share that the purpose of a calming room is to offer an environment of relaxation, to help individuals calm their senses.

“In our CCP Relaxation Virtual Calming Room you can learn about and use calming techniques to help decrease stress and because it’s online you can access these tools from the comfort of your own home or office,” said Celeste Nevarez, Emergence Health Network Chief of Clinical Services.

“There are relaxing sounds and music, guided meditation, yoga videos, and other online calming activities such as games and puzzles. We really want our community and residents across the nation to take advantage of this resource because taking care of our mental health is just as important as our physical health.”

Click here to enter the CCP Relaxation Virtual Calming Room