UTEP Engineering Professor Recognized for Dedication to Water Industry

Thomas Davis, Ph.D., a University of Texas at El Paso civil engineering professor and director of UTEP’s Center for Inland Desalination Systems, has been recognized with the Salt of the Earth Award by the Multi-State Salinity Coalition.

The coalition is dedicated to advancing technology for desalination, salinity control strategies, water and energy efficiency, and related public policies that assist communities in meeting their water needs.

The award recognizes industry leaders who demonstrate outstanding commitment, leadership, vision and dedication to the water industry by promoting advancements in technology for desalination.

Davis is a recognized expert in electrodialysis, which is used in desalination to transport salt ions from one solution to another under the influence of an applied electric source.

One focus of his research is on minimizing the environmental impact of salt, which is used to regenerate water softeners. He and his team are developing a water hardness sensor that minimizes the amount of salt used in a water softener.

“I was really honored to have been selected to receive this award,” Davis said.

Davis holds 14 patents and has authored many academic papers. His diverse research portfolio includes studies on reverse osmosis, gas permeation, fuel cells, blood substitutes, hemoperfusion, artificial kidneys and glucose sensors. He holds a B.S. and Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of South Carolina and has been a part of the UTEP community for the past eight years.