• May 16, 2022
 EP Electric talks triple digit temperatures, customers ability to track, reduce usage

EP Electric talks triple digit temperatures, customers ability to track, reduce usage

With temperatures steadily increasing each day and three-digit degree weather arriving soon, El Paso Electric (EPE) is encouraging customers to use the ability they have to manage electricity usage. During the inevitable hot weather, higher usage can lead to higher bills.

“Spikes in energy bills often correlate with hot weather because the harder air conditioning systems work to make homes comfortable, the more energy is needed,” EPE officials shared. “Even when setting thermostats to the same temperature every day may still cause the air conditioner to turn on more often during hotter weather.”

EPE recommends that customers review their energy usage shown on their bill for this time last year to think about what can be done differently this summer to lower their energy usage (example below).

The usage graph is an important tool to help customers take action on their energy consumption. Customers can find this information on the Manage My Account button at epelectric.com.

“Customers’ electric bills are directly impacted by the amount of energy they use during their billing cycle, meaning the more energy they consume the higher their bill will be,” says EPE’s Director of Energy Efficiency and Commercial Services Susanne Stone. “What this also means is that any measure taken by a customer to implement energy efficiency and energy conservation measures can help them reduce their energy usage and their bill, especially when the temperatures in our region rise during the summer season.”

By implementing a variety of the following energy saving tips, customers can change the way energy is used in their home and business:

  • Set your thermostat at 78°F or higher – every degree of extra cooling will increase energy usage six to eight percent.
  • Use ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate the cooled air.
  • Install patio covers, awnings, and solar window screens to shade your home from the sun. Shade south and west windows with plants or trees to block the heat during the summer.
  • Close interior blinds, drapes, or shades to block the sun and heat during warm weather.
  • Consider using a clothesline instead of a clothes dryer.
  • Shade outside air conditioning units, or condensers.
  • Raise your thermostat to 80°F or higher if leaving for more than four hours.
  • Move heat and humidity-generating activities (cooking, laundering, and dishwashing) to early morning or evening hours.

Click here to view additional energy savings tips.

Even when taking these actions we understand higher bills can make it hard to stay current on electric bills. EPE President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin reminds customers of the availability of utility payment assistanc.

“With so many families still in need of utility payment assistance, we strongly encourage anyone who needs this assistance to contact our Customer Care Team who are ready and willing to get you the support you need.”

For a list of resources and other payment options, customers can contact EPE’s Customer Care Team by email at CustomerCare@epelectric.com, by phone at (800) 351-1621, or visit epelectric.com and search Assistance Programs.

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