EP Hispanic Chamber of Commerce launches COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program for Front Line Small Business Workers

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announced Monday a new partnership with the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) that officials say will enable the chamber to become an ‘active leader in combating the coronavirus pandemic at the front lines.’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and TDEM recently promised expanding the COVID-19 Rapid Testing Program for small business front line workers in Texas; the state is dedicating 1 million BinaxNow Rapid Tests to this program. The central aim of this initiative is to stymie the spread of coronavirus throughout the small business sector of our state.

In addition to increasing the amount of rapid tests, the state is also allowing local chamber of commerce organizations to participate in this program.

“This collaborative rapid testing program between local chambers of commerce and the state is an invaluable resource for our small businesses community,” El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Cindy Ramos-Davidson shared. “this effort will undoubtedly support the continuation of small business operation while also ensuring public safety.”

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has opted into this serviceable initiative and has received 3,000 rapid test kits.

TDEM will equip participating chambers with COVID-19 testing supplies; these chambers will allocate testing supplies to small businesses in the community.

“We will administer one box containing 40 tests to each business; we are distributing these boxes on a first come, first served basis,” officials said. “Our chamber strongly urges El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce members to apply as soon as possible since test boxes are limited.”

To obtain a rapid test box, a business must register with our chamber to become an administrator and take a 28-minute virtual training session explaining how to use and handle the testing kits.

Upon completion of this virtual course, businesses will bring a printed certificate of completion to our office and receive their testing kit box.

For more information on the application process or requirements, contact the chamber’s office at (915)-566- 4066, email Jessica Orozco at [email protected] or visit us at 2401 E. Missouri Ave.