EP Water offers tips to ‘Water Smarter’ during summer season

As temperatures are warming up, many El Pasoans are eager to work in their gardens.  With the launch of EP Water’s ‘Water Smarter’ campaign, both the homeowner and the region can benefit from participation.

“During this unprecedented time when many El Pasoans are home, gardening offers us a chance to make a difference in our yards and connect with nature.” EP Water’s John Balliew, P.E., President/CEO shared.  “Aside from the mental health and physical benefits, gardening also offers an educational opportunity for parents to teach children how to maintain a garden while watering smarter.”

The Water Smarter campaign offers indoor and outdoor tips on how to save both water and money. Customers can reduce their bills through water conservation.  During the pandemic, with most of our family members at home, most are washing more dishes and doing more laundry.

This, combined with the recent rate increase, may result in higher water bills. However, following tips from our Water Smarter public service campaign can save water at home while also saving customers some money.

The online Conservation Page offers many simple tips to reduce water use indoors and outdoors.

When heading out to local nurseries to plan gardens, residents are asked to design landscapes to save water. For ideas, area gardners can visit  EPWater’s interactive website to learn more about desert-friendly plants to include in your water-efficient landscapes.

Aside from adding color year-round to yards, native and adapted plants for our region require less water.

Also, the time-of-day watering schedule is in effect through September, allowing residents to water their landscape up to three times a week before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

Even-numbered addresses may water Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Odd-numbered addresses may water Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. No residential watering is allowed Mondays.

Gardeners see the benefits of following this schedule because it reduces water loss from evaporation, as well as conserving water and saving money.

“Additionally, customers who use less than 4 CCFs (1 CCF is approximately 748 gallons) of water in a month will receive a conservation waiver – in effect saving nearly $12 a month,” utility officials added.

Small changes around your home can not only make a big difference in monthly water bills, conservation efforts will ensure sustainability for future generations.

“For more than 30 years, EPWater customers have made conservation a way of life in El Paso, and we are thankful for the community’s support,” Balliew added. “The community has embraced water conservation as a daily ritual, and we encourage you to water even smarter.”