• January 20, 2022
 EPCC Dual Credit Students Get National Certification

EPCC Dual Credit Students Get National Certification

EPCC Dual Credit Students Get National Certification

Bel Air High School Seniors became Certified Electrocardiogram (EKG)Technicians last week after attending the Patient Care Technician Program (PCT) offered as a Dual Credit at the El Paso Community College (EPCC) Dual Credit Program at the Rio Grande campus.

Dr. Alejandro Romero, EPCC Medical Assisting Program (MA), was invited to participate at the PCT Program at Bel Air HS where he met and trained eight extraordinary students: Isaac Jaramillo, Columba Davila, Violet Ornelas, Kelly Parra, Valeria Hipolito, Hailey Salais, Yesenia Alvarado, and Ydalee Chavez.

A PCT must be knowledgeable in the areas of basic nursing, phlebotomy and perform EKG’s (Electrocardiograms), which is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart and is a basic lab tool for physicians to diagnose and treat their patients, or simply have peace of mind and/or rule out any other heart conditions. The students not only learned how to recognize the normal results but also the 20 most common arrythmias that can be life threating.

Upon completion, all students qualified to take the National Exam offered by NHA (National Healthcareer Association, www.nhanow.com), which is a recognized national agency that offers certifications and as such, all students passed becoming Certified EKG Technicians. “This certification by itself is the ticket to work in hospitals, or any health care settings, and is also a component of the training to become Patient Care Technicians,” said Dr. Romero “You can see the level of confidence each student displays, as well as their self-esteem, regarding health occupations and will be pursuing a medical career upon graduation.”  

They all will receive a college credit for this course and will be graduating from Bel Air in May 2022.

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