EPCC to Present at Duke University in May

El Paso Community College (EPCC) was accepted to present an innovative proposal at the Construct 3D, a conference to be held at Duke in May 2017.

Dr. Aditi Sarkar, Project Director, Architecture HSI STEM Grant, will present the Discovery Corner (DISCO). DISCO is a digital design fabrication lab that is under construction at the EPCC Valle Verde campus.

“We have students and members of the community, with no training in digital fabrication, make all the furniture for an entire new building,” said Dr. Sarkar.

“The goal and hope is to engage and educate students in the field of digital design fabrication by letting them make human-scale everyday objects that they will use and in turn be excited to be autonomous makers themselves,” Dr. Sarkar added.

DISCO has developed a program to provide students, who may think of fabrication machinery to be elusive and complicated, an opportunity to realize their inner maker with the help of the CNC Router and 3D printers.