EPCC Cross Country Teams Shine at NJCAA Nationals; Mitei Named All American

Fort Dodge, IA—El Paso Community College (EPCC) Sophomore Shalet Mitei was named All-American as the women’s cross country team finished 10th and the men’s cross country team finished 19th at the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Cross Country Championship in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

“Most important is that they all excel academically,” Felix Hinojosa, EPCC Athletic Director and Cross Country Head Coach said. “I am happy how the team matured as the season progressed to the championship.” Both cross country teams finished with better than a 3.0 grade point average (GPA). The women’s team had the second highest in the nation with a 3.70 GPA.

At nationals, the Tejanas women’s cross country team was led by Mitei who placed 7th in the 5k run. Iowa Central Community College finished first in the women’s division.  The Tejano’s men’s cross country team was led by Michael Kirwa who finished 23rd in the 8k run.  Iowa Central Community College placed first in the men’s division.

The Tejanas times are as follows:
7      Shalet Mitei 18:11.8
26    Ocean Stevens 19:20.6
63    Sholly Jeruto 19:43.2
118  Amy Vidal 20:25
137  Samantha Martinez 20:42.9
153  Michelle Renteria 20:50.6
204  Evaline Cheptoo 21:46.9

The Tejanos times are as follows:
23   Michael Kirwa 25:57.9
70   Sammy Rono 26:54.5
109 Michael Flores 27:20.4
150 Boaz Kipemei 27:48.6
153 Adrian Morales 27.50.7
221 Esteban Esquivel-Reyes 28:50.3
234 Evan Gerdes 28:59.3

Up next for EPCC is the NJCAA Half Marathon Classic on November 18th in Topeka, KS.