• January 19, 2022
 EPCC President releases letter on hatred, racism and challenges facing the community

EPCC President releases letter on hatred, racism and challenges facing the community

Wednesday morning, officials with El Paso Community College released a letter written by EPCC President William Serrata, Ph.D to the community regarding George Floyd’s death, the August 3rd Walmart Massacre, bigotry and racism.

Below is Dr. Serrata’s complete letter.

Dear College Community,

On August 3rd of last year, our community experienced violence and being a target of hatred and racism.   Tragically, across the country, we continue to see the effects of ignorance, bigotry and hatred far too often.  We know the pain that it causes, and we know the time for positive change is long overdue.

From Ahmaud Arbery to George Floyd, the past weeks have once again demonstrated the ongoing challenge of systemic injustice and inequality that exists in our nation.   This is heartbreaking, appalling and reflects a pervasive history of racism towards African Americans and other individuals of color.  We share the collective pain and the grief caused by these tragedies, but we must do better.   In higher education and in all we do, we have a responsibility to strive for an equitable society that values differences.

EPCC has been and remains committed to breaking down barriers and striving for equity.  Diversity and inclusion must remain at the forefront of all of our decisions and all of our actions. Now more than ever, we must support one another and focus on making our college and our world a better place.

Together, we can be the positive change that embraces diversity and respects all individuals.  It starts with each of us.

In solidarity,

William Serrata, Ph.D.

President, El Paso Community College

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