Photo Courtesy of EPCC
Photo Courtesy of EPCC

EPCC Students Conduct Research in Texas and Honduras

El Paso Community College (EPCC), in collaboration with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), provides funding to students to participate in undergraduate research every summer at any University of Texas institution through the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program.

LSAMP allows students to perform research and then present their results during the LSAMP Conference.  Once the students participate in the program, they are eligible to apply the following year to do research internationally.

We want to congratulate the following students: Luis Compean-Gallegos will be conducting scientific research at University of Texas at Austin, Armando Baca, Jose Alberto Barraza, Genesis Ramirez, and Destiny Winters will be conducting research at UTEP.  Kimberly Dugdale and Mia Navarrete will be traveling to Roatan, Honduras, to perform research with the LSAMP Scuba Diving Program.

Dugdale and Navarrete will have the opportunity to collect data while scuba diving above coral reefs to explore marine environments and research coral health, coral disease, water quality, and nutrient concentrations in the water, and the development of new sensors to make these measurements.

           EPCC’s Dr. Karina Castillo has been the EPCC Director since 2014.  “Every summer EPCC students are selected to participate in different undergraduate research projects.  This program offers the opportunity to network with other scientists, to perform hands-on research and to develop oral, leadership and critical thinking skills.”


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