• January 27, 2022
 EPCC Theater, Mass Comm and Arts Departments partner to present ‘The Romancers’ online

EPCC Theater, Mass Comm and Arts Departments partner to present ‘The Romancers’ online

This weekend, El Paso Community College (EPCC) Disciplines of Theatre Arts and Mass Communications and Arts rolled out their on-line video production of The Romancers. 

Talented EPCC students perform and design a lighthearted satire about two young lovers in search of romance and adventure who discover that romantic love can exist without the excitement of danger or obstacles to overcome.

The EPCC Arts department collaborated with Theatre and Mass Communications to produce creative promotional flyers. The chosen flyers were specially made by students Jessica Cazares, Martin Grau, and Mariana Gonzalez Martinez.

The production can be viewed online via this link.

For information on EPCC Theater, contact director Ted Karber, Jr. at (915) 831-3205.

Cast of Characters:

Sylvette                                  Alyssa Montano

Percinet                                 Omar Moreno

Monsieur Bergamin             Raul Insurriaga Acosta

Madame Pasquinot             Alejandra Price

Straforel                                 Dendre Wright

The Abductors                     Monique Machado

                                                Noreyma Martinez

                                                Elijah Monroy Blaise

The Gardener                        Monique Machado


Director                                                                     Ted Karber, Jr.

Assistant Director/ Stage Manager                     Maya Lavin

Designed for the stage by                                 Dominic Pagano

Technical Director                Dominic Pagano

Video Director/Editor       Michael Head

Costumes                              Joey Tarin

Lighting Operator/ Rehearsal Assistant            Julian Escobedo

Promotional Flyers by       Jessica Cazares, Martin Grau, and Mariana Gonzalez Martinez

For more info on EPCC, click here; for our previous coverage, click here.

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