El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Launches Driver’s License Academy

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office East Montana Patrol Station has launched a pilot program to help un-licensed drivers become licensed.

The program is called the “Sheriff’s Office Driver’s License Academy”.  The program is targeted towards adult citizens of El Paso County, specifically Montana Vista Residents, that have not taken or never been able to pass the written driver’s license test.

The East Montana Patrol Station COP Representative covers the Texas Driver’s License Handbook which include the following topics:  How to apply for your TX driver’s license, signals, signs, and markers, signaling, passing, and turning, speed limits, Zero Tolerance Law, giving way to pedestrians, registering your vehicle, changing your address and becoming an organ donor.

During the course students are given pop-quizzes and exams to ensure that they are comprehending the material.   The class is bilingual to ensure that no citizen is left behind

After the five week course (total of five two hour classes) the Sheriff’s Office will make a reservation, for the graduating student, with the Texas Department of Public Safety to take the written portion of the driver’s license exam.  Understanding that many of the students may not be able to drive there legally the Sheriff’s Office will also provide transportation to and from the location of the exam.

Officials with the EPCSO say that High Desert residents from surrounding areas can attend the classes as well, once the pilot course concludes. They add, “We anticipate registrations for the next course at the beginning of 2017.”

The Sheriff’s Office believes that by empowering the citizens with knowledge needed to pass the driver’s license exam, we will be able to lower the incidences of drivers driving without a license.

Classes are every Tuesday evening from 6 PM to 8PM at the Montana Vista Community Center, located at 14618 Greg Dr.

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