• May 11, 2021
 EPFD sets October dates, times for ‘Vaccinations for Health’ program

EPFD sets October dates, times for ‘Vaccinations for Health’ program

The program “Vaccinations for Health” that teams up the El Paso Fire Department with the El Paso Health Department to provide free influenza and pneumonia vaccines, blood pressure and glucose screenings and colorectal screening kits for seniors will start again in October at the following dates and locations.

The new influenza vaccine for the new flu season will be available.

Thursday Oct. 8: EPFD Community Center, 5415 Trowbridge Dr., 1-4 p.m.

Saturday Oct. 10: Station 29, 11977 Pellicano Dr., 8-11 a.m.

Wednesday Oct. 14: Station 11, 314 Leon St., 1-4 p.m.

Thursday Oct. 22: EPFD Community Center, 5415 Trowbridge Dr., 1-4 p.m.

Saturday Oct. 24: Station 15, 115 Shorty Ln., 8-11 a.m.

Tuesday Oct. 27: Station 28, 10820 McCombs St., 1-4 p.m.

Remember that the service is FREE to residents 50 and over who do not have medical insurance or are on Medicaid. We are encouraging seniors who meet these guidelines to take advantage of the program. The goal of the program is to increase the wellness of our senior citizens in our community who do not have access to these services.

“From September 2014 to September 2015, we were able to see 1,133 seniors,” Deputy Chief Robert Arvizu said. “We want to continue the great success of last year into the coming calendar year.”

For more information, citizens are encouraged to call 311 or visit www.ephealth.com.

Author: El Paso Fire Department

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  • The vaccine doesn’t work, it never has according to genuine scientist who were pushed out of the CDC when Julie Gerberding was head of the agency. During Gerberding reign all researchers and scientist that did not support her blatant support of the pharmaceutical industry, were systematically removed from all research and policy making positions. Gerberding was eventually rewarded with a multimillion dollar position as head of Merck’s Vaccine Division.

    Michael Osterholm was on the management team at the CDC. Osterholm is a rare breath of fresh air in the stultified world of infectious disease specialists who
    are actually covert drug company puppets. Osterholm doesn’t pull any punches from his perch at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP). He is an opponent of ineffective flu vaccines.

    Michael Osterholm MinnPost Feb 25, 2013

    Nothing in the CDC’s report surprised Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP). For some time he’s been pointing out the inadequacy of our current flu vaccines and calling for a major research effort to develop better ones.

    Last fall, for example, Osterholm and his CIDRAP colleagues published a comprehensive report that was three years in the making and involved more than 12,000 studies, meeting reports, interviews with experts and other documents
    going back to 1936. The report concluded that the current flu vaccine was “suboptimal” and that it was time to develop a truly effective and “game-changing” new vaccine.

    “The thing that surprises me is why everybody is surprised” that the flu vaccine has been found to be so ineffective, Osterholm said …

    “What I worry about more than anything is the long-term credibility of science in public health,” he said. “Will people trust us if they don’t think that we’re being honest and forthright with the public data? Are we becoming nothing more than the
    anti-science people?” …

    “health officials should “be honest about what it is. Stop trying to spin it.” …

    “if we oversell it and make these statements that are just not true about how effective it is. Then we’re doing exactly what the anti-science people are doing.” …

    “We are still putting, basically, a 1930s carburetor in a 2013 car,” he said.

    If what Osterholm statements don’t move you read this:
    Here is an astonishing bit of science.
    Study: Residual adverse changes in arterial endothelial function and LDL oxidation after a mild systemic inflammation induced by influenza vaccination. Ann Med. 2007;39(5):392-9. PubMed:
    National Center for
    Biotechnology Information,
    U.S. National Library of Medicine

    Researchers wanted to investigate why people seem to have more heart problems in the first weeks after an acute inflammatory event.
    What did they use to induce inflammation in the healthy male human volunteers?

    A flu shot.

    What did they discover?

    Cardiovascular function can be abnormal for at least two weeks after getting a flu shot.

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