EPIA Unveils New Airport Mascot: Red T. Hawk

On Tuesday, the City of El Paso and El Paso International Airport introduced Red T. Hawk, as the airport’s role model, ambassador and official mascot.

“I am honored to introduce Red T. Hawk as the airport’s mascot and ambassador to the community, I wish her well in her new role and welcome her to El Paso,” said Mayor Dee Margo.

Red T. Hawk is a soaring symbol and role model for kids of all ages. As a former jet fighter pilot she embodies the virtues of strength, courage and honesty. She is a Red Tailed Hawk, a species native to the region, she will be promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education for children, especially girls, to encourage an interest in the science fields critical to aviation.

“We are looking forward to having Red on our EPIA team, I am thrilled that our youth will have someone to capture their imaginations and spark an interest in the sciences and technology fields,” said Monica Lombraña A.A.E., Managing Director of Aviation and International Bridges. “It is my hope that all children, especially young girls can see themselves contributing to the aviation community later in life.”

Aviation plays a critical role in the lives of El Pasoans, impacting industry, tourism and trade. The percentage of women in these roles has grown over time, but is still in need of progress.

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