Video+Story: Aoy, Lamar Students Exhibit Work at El Paso Museum of Art

EPISD elementary students showcased their artwork at the El Paso Museum of Art, as part of the Neighborhood Kids Art program.

The museum partnered with EPISD to bring third- and fourth-graders from Lamar and Aoy elementary schools to the museum for an immersive art experience, visiting once a month throughout the school year.

“One of my favorite things is the kids go to the exhibits, and they will see something that strikes them,” said David Hernandez, museum school coordinator. “When they come down to the classroom, you see they have put their own take on it. You see that inspiration that they are bringing from the galleries and making that connection.”

Students learn to work in a variety of mediums to express themselves, from watercolors to oil pastels and relief paintings. Teaching artist Haydee Alonso hopes to impart more than just knowledge on technique.

051817_EMPA art program_33 copy“I think it’s important to have these programs because the students get to the look at art and have a conversation about it,” Alonso said. “They are realizing what art is and what the process is. They really start to understand how emotions all come together to make art.”

Aoy fourth-grader Dana Vazquez harnessed her love of shapes to create “Figuras Locas.” She showed off her artwork during the exhibit, making sure to take some photos of her painting with her mom’s cell phone.

“I feel happy and excited for my art to be here at the museum,” Dana said. “My favorite part of the program was making art and going upstairs to look at the art.”

Lamar third grade student Haylee Muñoz enjoyed drawing in different mediums, displaying her oil pastel drawing entitled, “Heart Special.”

“I drew little hearts using oil crayons because they make me feel happy,” Haylee said. “I used blue, pink and purple because they are my favorite colors. I really liked spending time with my friends.”

Hernandez hopes the program expands what the students are learning in the classroom, noting they draw inspiration from not only the galleries but school as well.

“They bring information they learn in the classroom, from science to social studies, and you see that play into their artwork,” Hernandez051817_EMPA art program_61 copy said. “It’s pretty amazing.”

He hopes the experience to have a lasting impression on the students.

“We have a wonderful museum here in El Paso,” Hernandez said. “We want them to come to appreciate it and take this lifelong love of art and the work that is done here, so they can pass it on to their families and come back.”