Video+Story: EPISD, TxDOT Caution Drivers: School Zones Active Beginning Monday

EPISD Police Services and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) teamed up Friday at Cooley Elementary School to remind drivers about school zone traffic laws and how they apply beginning on Monday, the first day of school.

“We are proud of our effective partnership with EPISD and their effective traffic safety efforts,” said Jennifer Wright, TxDOT public affairs officer. “Pay attention, stay off cellphones and watch out for buses and kids. We also want parents to have a conversation with their children about traffic safety: cross only in at intersections and designated crosswalks, make eye contact with drivers before crossing and look before getting out of the vehicle.”

EPISD Police are certified Texas peace officers and patrol campuses throughout the District to enforce traffic laws.

“We all have to work collectively to make sure everyone is safe going to and coming from school,” said EPISD officer Raul Ramos. “We will be enforcing all traffic laws, so we want to inform the public on how to avoid causing any accidents.”

The three most common violations officers encounter in school zones are speeding, passing and distracted drivers. The officers coordinated a demonstration to dispel any confusion about what is considered passing.

“A lot of people think it’s okay to pass in a school zone as long as you stay under 15 miles, but that is incorrect. If your front bumper breaks the plane of the vehicle next to you, that is considered passing,” Ramos said. “If you are passing another vehicle, you cannot see if there is a child in the crosswalk.”

For more safety tips and information, visit TxDoT’s or EPISD websites.

Story by Alicia Chumley | Photos by Leonel Monroe Jr. | Video by EPISD