• June 27, 2022
 EPISD’s New Chief Quality Officer On a Mission to Identify Budget Savings

EPISD’s New Chief Quality Officer On a Mission to Identify Budget Savings

Ret. U.S. Army Col. Alan Wiernicki, the former deputy commander of the 32nd Air and Missile Defense Command at Fort Bliss, is the new Chief Quality Officer for the El Paso Independent School District.

Wiernicki, a 27-year veteran of the Army, will provide leadership and expertise to ensure administrative and reporting procedures and systems operate effectively throughout EPISD. The new position will be responsible for the measurement and effectiveness of District processes.

“EPISD is one of the largest institutions in the region and its operations are multi-faceted and complex,” Superintendent Juan Cabrera said. “As the former deputy commander of a large defense unit in the Army, Col. Wiernicki has the experience and knowledge to help us streamline our processes and provide even better service to our students and families.”

Wiernicki will be tasked with developing and implementing procedures and training to help District personnel improve internal processes with a specific focus on creating measurable outcomes to gauge success. He also will oversee EPISD’s maintenance department.

A career officer in the Army, Wiernicki has vast experience leading large organizations. His expertise will help further strengthen EPISD’s partnership with Fort Bliss. Wiernicki also will have an office at Chapin High School to serve as a military hub and lead collaborative efforts with Fort Bliss.

“EPISD made a great selection by hiring Al Wiernicki as their new Quality Control Officer. As a soldier, I had the privilege of serving with Al in both deployed and garrison environments and can attest to his exceptional character, integrity and leadership abilities,” said ret. Col. Bob Burns, the Deputy Garrison Commander at Fort Bliss.

He added: “Al is an absolute professional with a proven track record of making every organization that he led better than when he arrived. He has the passion for education, and having served as the Fort Bliss Liaison to the EPISD school board in the past, he will be familiar with the processes and ready to make an immediate positive impact.”

Wiernicki earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies from the State University of New York in Cortland. He also has master’s degrees in public/business administration and national strategy from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant and the National War College in Washington, D.C.

Wiernicki has served as professional teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was the senior advisor to the commander to the Kuwait Air Defense Forces under the Office of Military Cooperation in the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait.

His posts at Fort Bliss included being the commander for the 2nd Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, the chief of staff for the 32nd Army Air Defense Command, and the brigade commander for the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

Story By Gustavo Reveles Acosta  | Photo by Leonel Monroy  – EPISD

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