• May 14, 2022
 EPISD’s ‘Raise Up the Bar’ program goes virtual this summer

EPISD’s ‘Raise Up the Bar’ program goes virtual this summer

Raise Up the Bar, EPISD’s innovative fitness program, is getting teens off the couch this summer to help them build muscle and endurance via teleconferencing.

The summer enrichment program is designed much like the RUTB class offered at Henderson, Brown and Ross middle schools, but this time because of the pandemic it is offered on a virtual platform. Students from throughout EPISD have joined the class to work out together virtually.

“We are excited for the opportunity to give kids from all over the district a chance to try Raise Up the Bar from the comfort of their own homes,” coach Bobby Macias said. “Right now, more than ever, our young people are in need of enrichment classes that allow them fun and active ways of learning and trying out new things.”

Macias has found that students are using the program to get ready for upcoming sports seasons or give them something to do during this unprecedented time.

“Our hope is that they get a taste of the program and see how exercise can help us cope with the current state of the world,” he said. “Being in quarantine is not easy especially for our young people who miss the day-to-day activity of school.”

Workouts of the day or WODs consist mostly of body weight movements such as pushups, air squats, burpees and other types of core exercises. A recent workout had students doing 25 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 10 sit ups and 15 air squats to get their heart rate up.

“We also have gotten creative about using some household items like mops and brooms as well as our students own backpacks to perform some of the MVMNTs as we call them in our class,” Macias said.

Emilio Edwards modeled some of the movements for other students in the class. This is the Hornedo rising seventh grader’s second session with RUTB.

“I wanted to take the class to get into shape and get more fit,” he said.

Ryan Clancy, an incoming Ross sixth grader, knows the solid reputation RUTB has built over the years. “My mom works at Ross so I go there often and every time I see kids having fun and working out so I wanted to try it,” he said.

Hornedo incoming seventh grader Danielle Escobedo’s brother influenced her decision to try it.

“My brother is doing it,” she said. “I just want to be fit and healthy.”

The class will continue for the next three weeks and still available to students of all fitness levels.  Click here to sign up

Story by Reneé De Santos – EPISD

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