El Paso Museum of Art Presents Tom Lea Watercolors and Washes Exhibition

In celebration of Tom Lea Month, the El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA) will present the Tom Lea Watercolors and Washes exhibit featuring Lea’s portraiture, landscapes, and illustrations during the month of October.

Presented in EPMA’s Peter and Margaret de Wetter Gallery, the exhibition includes works from EPMA’s permanent collection, one of the largest collections of Lea’s work in the world, as well as work on loan from Lea’s son, Jim D. Lea.

With more than 40 works spanning Lea’s career, including his schooling and mural work in Chicago, his tour as a World War II artist-correspondent, and his time as an illustrator and novelist, Watercolors and Washes demonstrates Lea’s ability to depict the complexity of the human face through a series of ink wash portraits.

Also on display are sketches, mural studies, and Lea’s personal sketchbook used during World War II. As exhibition curator, Kevin Burns notes, “Tom Lea’s work captures the character and rich multicultural history of the Southwest. This is what makes him such an important artist, regionally and nationally.”

The exhibit, which coincides with Tom Lea Month, is free of charge and will remain open through February 18.