EV Showcases set for this weekend thanks to Eco El Paso, Rio Grande Electric Auto Association

As improved charging infrastructure, preferential utility rates and falling prices have helped drive a 160 percent increase in electric vehicle (EV) sales around the world, EV popularity is also surging right here in the El Paso-Las Cruces region.

“EVs are no longer a novelty and no longer the sole province of wealthy West Coast tech gurus, they are a legitimate option for families of all incomes and in all parts of the country,” said Jonathan Macias, president of the Rio Grande Electric Auto Association.

“As prices fall and more chargers become available at public locations, businesses and homes, we want to make sure West Texans and Southern New Mexicans can get answers from local drivers and experts about making the transition.”

To answer questions from motorists who are considering flipping the switch on an EV purchase, Eco El Paso and the Rio Grande Electric Auto Association (RGEAA) will host two free showcases as part of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW).

The first will be held from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday, September 25 , at Sunland Park Mall in West El Paso near the food court (RSVP here).

The second will be held from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday, October 2 , at the Plaza De Las Cruces in Downtown Las Cruces (RSVP here).

  • Saturday’s showcase will feature the following:

    • Representatives from El Paso Electric will be available to answer questions about their special rate structure for EV chargers as well as share the cars that are part of their fleet.

    • Solar Smart Living, a local solar company certified to install home and work charger stations.

    • Electric Vehicle owners who have logged tens of thousands of miles.

    • Local dealers who can introduce you to their partial and full electric vehicle options.

This showcase is part of NDEW events occurring all over the globe, details and additional events posted at this link.

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