El Paso United Family Resiliency Center invites public to unite in remembrance of August 3rd

As the two-year mark of August 3rd approaches, the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center (FRC), a program of United Way of El Paso seeks to unite El Pasoans in honoring those lost and send love to those deeply impacted by the tragedy.

In the spirit of the County of El Paso’s Month of Unity and Healing, The El Paso United Family Resiliency Center will, once again, host the August 3rd Remembrance “Luminaria Drive-Thru” at Ascarate Park, which will be lined with luminarias, intended to allow guests to remember together but, safely at a distance.

“As cars drive through the park, they’ll be able to reflect and commemorate with the sounds and melodies of local musicians spread across the park,” organizers shared.

“In addition, 23 skylights will light the Cesar Chavez Border Highway along Ascarate Park, in honor of the 23 lives lost on August 3rd, 2019.”

Organizers share that the luminaria pathway will symbolize the community’s road toward a resilient future.

The Luminaria Remembrance Drive-thru will take place the nights of July 30th and 31st from 8:30PM-11PM. Visitors of the Luminaria Drive-Thru may enter the park through Ascarate’s main gate entrance, free of charge.

For safety, only vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and/ or bicycles will be permitted to enter the park. No pedestrians will be allowed.

For more information, click here to visit the Love for El Paso website