• May 20, 2022
 City: ‘Final Judgement’ Against Owner of American Furniture Building Underway

American Furniture Building, when it was the First National Bank, at center of frame | Photo courtesy El Paso County Historical Society

City: ‘Final Judgement’ Against Owner of American Furniture Building Underway

The City of El Paso has taken a huge step toward dealing with an iconic structure located in the heart of downtown: The American Furniture Company building.

On May 5, 2016, the El Paso Building and Standards Commission issued an order related to the American Furniture Building, located at 105 N. Oregon, and owned by Caples Land Company, LLC. The attached Building and Standards order included assessed civil penalties and a detailed listing of issues that need to be addressed.

Late last month, Judge Linda Chew of the 327th District Court, issued a Final Judgment that upheld the Building and Standards Commission order with a modification regarding the civil penalties.

The Court approved civil penalties in the amount of $1,242,486.15.

The City is now authorized to enforce the Final Judgment and file a lien in the real property records against Caples Land Company, LLC and William D. Abraham.

Additionally, the property must be vacated within 60 days of the date of the judgment and brought up to code within 90 days.

“The City has been working hard to revitalize Downtown and we are making tremendous strides. However, we still have some amazing structures that have not received any attention for years. The property owner has not complied with building codes or orders issued by the Building and Standards Commission, I appreciate the court issuing this order to bring it up to code,” said Mayor Dee Margo. “Maybe now we will see some improvements and bring this iconic building back to life.

The American Furniture Building is immediately adjacent to two signature historic redevelopment projects, the Paso Del Norte Hotel and the Plaza Hotel.

Via a news release, city officials added, “The City is committed to revitalizing downtown and will continue to explore all legal options to ensure compliance with this legal judgment.”


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  • It would be nice if the American furniture building was restore back to it’s original early 19 hundred bank building appearance,that is probably impossible now with all those ugly slabs of concrete. That were added years later covering most of the windows including the outside exterior completely ruining the great architectural design by Henry Trost.
    There are several buildings worth preserving in downtown El Paso,like the American furniture building,the Caples building,the Kress building and also the NewBerry building to name a few.
    One would figure that since the Bassett Tower is getting restored and soon the Abdou building will also get a much needed facelift not to mention the Banner building.
    That some slumlord property owner would take a hint,but has done nothing and more likely will do nothing, but sit there and wait and watch these old buildings fall apart becoming more dilapidated eyesores.
    That is why the city of El Paso must move forward with the downtown arena over at the Union Plaza,as property owners have agreed to sell their properties. As most of the people residing in the Union Plaza have already moved out from these neglected uncared for,old dilapidated eyesore dwellings and houses.
    I’ve seen many old photos of downtown El Paso when it was the Mecca of the Southwest,those days are forever gone. But in this new millennium age,nothing says that downtown El Paso can’t become GREAT AGAIN! sure it can,we just have to believe in our city.

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