First Applicant for Downtown Mural Grant Completes Work

On April 27, 2017, the Downtown Management District Board of Directors approved its first grant application under the recently created Downtown Mural Grant Program.

The applicants, Madhi and Priya Nair of Hotel Indigo located at 325 North Kansas Street, were awarded up to $3,431.10 for the $7,256.66 project that is located at the hotel’s garage entrance along Main Drive.

The program which was established in January 2017, is designed to incentivize the creation and/or restoration of murals visible to the public. A review panel consisting of arts professionals was established to review each proposed mural for quality and appropriateness prior to being reviewed by the Grant Committee and the DMD Board.

The grant program can provide one grant dollar for every private investment dollar up to the maximum grant of $10,000.

The approved mural is now complete and can be seen at Hotel Indigo’s garage entrance on Main Drive. Lead artist on the mural is Grave Herrera, and dimensions of the art are 12 ft. by 7.7 ft.

Applicant, Madhi Nair, serves on the DMD Board of Directors and did not participate in the discussion, deliberation and vote that took place during the review of this application. An affidavit is on file with the DMD acknowledging Mr. Nair’s association with the project.

Eligible applicants can obtain program guidelines and applications by calling the DMD office at 915-400-2294 or by going online.

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