• October 17, 2021
 First photos of El Paso’s Streetcars being restored released

Courtesy City of El Paso

First photos of El Paso’s Streetcars being restored released

In images released Tuesday afternoon, the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) is giving El Pasoans their first look at the renovation of historic streetcars that will be returned to service as part of the El Paso Streetcar project.

On Thursday, El Pasoans will also have the opportunity to get their first up-close look at these images of the streetcars, see an actual sample of the track on which the streetcars will run and have one on one conversations with the team involved with the project.

The CRRMA will host a come-and-go style open house from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 28, 2016, at the El Paso Public Library’s Main Branch at 510 N. Oregon Street.   Attendees will be provided with El Paso Streetcar memorabilia on a first come first served basis. Historical information about El Paso’s streetcar heritage and a schematic of work covering the entire route will also be available.

In late 2015, six of El Paso’s classic Presidents’ Conference Committee (PCC) streetcars were taken to Brookville, Pennsylvania, where they are being restored by experts at Brookville Equipment Corp. The company has over a decade of experience in restoring vintage streetcars for daily use — including PCC streetcars.

Brookville has restored cars for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

“The craftsmen and craftswomen at Brookville have unparalleled expertise when it comes to restoring historic streetcars for the rigors of everyday service,” said Raymond Telles, Executive Director of the CRRMA. “These streetcars will not only honor El Paso’s streetcar heritage, but they will serve as workhorses of El Paso’s multimodal mass transit system.”

Open House Event Info: Thursday, January 28, 2016; 5p to 7:30p at El Paso Public Library, Main Branch, 501 N. Oregon

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  • This is the 3rd time I leave El Paso to live somewhere else. Every time I return I don’t see anything new. Except for the new ball park down town. Who’s idea was it to restore the old street cars? For the money they are going to spend on it they could just have installed a NEW system like they did in Phoenix. Why do people want to continue living in the past? Wake up El Paso time to move into the future and catch up to all the other Top rated cities that do update instead of restore. El Paso needs to stop depending on Juarez and New Mexico to attract tourists. Examples: Come to El Paso and Ski Apache, Come to El Paso and see the caverns, Come to El Paso and visit Mexico etc.. etc… Modernize attract tourists for El Paso not for surrounding areas. Tourists won’t have sentimental feelings for the old street cars they don’t care. I was a kid when I rode those and let me tell you I don’t miss them. Tourists want Modern transportation so make it Futuristic to go forwards not backwards in time. Come to El Paso and ride our New Futuristic Tram System. Just my opinion.

    • I have to disagree with you in the sense that I can’t wait for the streetcars. I rode them as a kid coming to Downtown El Paso to shop with my mother. We have to embrace the historic buildings that surround downtown so much history that makes our city what it is now!

      • I’m with you 100% Raul! Can’t wait. Love my city. It’s history is what makes it unique. Love it ir leave it. I will love it??

      • I’ll be heading to El Paso del Norte to ride the streetcars as soon as the line opens.
        It’s the past AND the future combined. We know about this in New Orleans, opening and re-starting several lines.
        Houston has some new lines also. Clean, comfortable, and affordable.
        ¡Viva la línea nueva del tranvía de la ciudad de EL PASO!
        El futuro está también en el pasado.

    • Hector I agree with you 100%. I been gone for many many years and keep wishing my hometown will get better one day. Invest in education and bringing better jobs to El Paso.

    • Hector…..you’re a stick in the mud……I was born in El Paso and rode the street cars as a kid, down Alameda street downtown to the Popular Dry Goods store. I don’t live there anymore, but I still love all the history that goes with restoring all things from the past….besides, did they ask you to finance the project ?

  • People from all over the world will come back to downtown and ride them again! This is one of El Paso’s finest hours. The City of El Paso will regain the costs of the project.

    • I was born in El Paso in 1943. I live in Australia, near Broken Hill. I will return to El Paso for a visit once the vintage PCC streetcars are in operation again.

  • A tragedy…..this could have been done in El Paso to train unemployed.

    • If you want the job done right…take it to the experts !

      • Thats right leave it to the experts

  • I don’t get how people that Moved out of El Paso and people that even still live here tend to bash on their home town. I see this and hear this all the time. Let’s not forget where we came from, And embrace it. It’s Still a small city but it’s come a long way. No where near Dallas or Phoenix or one of those big cities but it’ll eventually get there. Plus it will need people to operate which means generating Jobs. Im sure they’ll do a 100% restore on those cars and still give it a modern touch to the interior but still keep the exterior original for the classic look. I never rode them but can’t wait. Awesome.

  • Just like organizations that work hard on restoring historical buildings that represent an important period in a city, so is this project’s objective. The interest that these restored street cars will generate will have a positive impact on the El Paso’s economy. Modern modes of transportation, while desirable in the name of progress may fulfill the need to go from point “A” to point “B.” But being a part of history should be more of a meaningful experience to young and old. It will also be an added attraction to tourism. Just saying…

  • El Paso is NOT for the Partier…….. It is a Beautiful Layed back city. Great weather…. OK Winds can be scary….
    Yes those places are not in El Paso but darn close. Been here 30 years & Loving it…………….

  • This is awesome to see streetcars on a comeback trail I wish there were companies back in the day That would have re-built ours in Philadelphia But Knowing SEPTA today too much like right

  • I’ll be coming out from California specifically TO ride those streetcars once they are back in service, so they’re drawing ME in! Others will come too, just to ride them. And we’ll probably stay in your city overnight, patronize your restaurants, etc. As someone who operates this type of streetcar (PCC) very regularly, they are extremely robust, well-built cars that will last for years to come once Brookville is done with them. Have faith!

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