EPAA: Flooding in El Paso results in ‘Unprecedented Requests’ for assistance

Officials with Under One Roof say that more than 50 families requested assistance from their organization in the last 72 hours, as a result of the flooding caused by recent heavy rains.

“Under One Roof was established to help displaced residents and we are helping as many families as we can within our budget. Typically, we receive requests due to residential fires. I cannot recall a time we received this many requests due to flooding,” said Marcia Heller, President of Under One Roof.

Under One Roof is a 501(c)3 organization established by the El Paso Apartment Association (EPAA) to provide financial and other support to residents of El Paso County harmed by disasters such as fire, flood, or pandemic.

The organization received the first request for assistance on Friday, August 13th and started distributing financial assistance on Monday, August 16th.

“As the heavy rains caused flooding in many areas of El Paso, it forced residents to seek temporary lodging at hotels. Many residents experienced severe damage or loss of their personal belongings,” officials shared.

“Some residents have renter’s insurance to help cover their losses, but many families that do not have insurance are facing a heavy financial burden,” they added.

Under One Roof is the current administrator of the Texas Home Program, which is a rental assistance program funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

Officials add that Under One Roof has distributed over $500k in financial assistance to El Paso residents.

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