Fort Bliss recognizes soldier volunteers at four EPISD schools

Fort Bliss soldiers volunteered more than 4,370 hours in 51 schools this past year, earning four EPISD schools and their partner unit top awards in the Fort Bliss Partners in Education program.

Burges and Chapin high schools and Nixon and Milam elementary schools joined with their respective partners to receive their awards during a senior leader meeting on Fort Bliss.

“Our soldiers served as role models and provided guidance and experience to students throughout El Paso area schools,” said Simone Wendlandt-Hendricks, Fort Bliss School Liaison Officer.

“Each year during the Fort Bliss Partners in Education Kick Off event, we recognize units and campuses for their extraordinary achievement during the prior school year. Unfortunately, we were not able to host the PIE Kick Off this year.

The awards were presented to the campuses and their partners by Brig. Gen. Matthew L. Eichburg, and Garrison Commander Col. Stuart M. James. Overall, Fort Bliss soldiers volunteered more than 7,000 hours in schools throughout the community from August to March last school year with EPISD campuses receiving the majority of hours.

“The PIE program helps integrate soldiers who are new to Fort Bliss into the City of El Paso and offers them a chance to volunteer for a community that truly believes in and supports their mission,” said Alan Wiernicki, EPISD Chief Quality Officer and liaison to Fort Bliss. “The program benefits military units and our schools equally.”

Award winners are:

  • Top Hours in High School: Burges who is partnered with 1-35 Armored Regiment,2ndBrigade Combat Team, 1AD. The unit logged in 290 hours.
  • Top Hours in Elementary: Milam Elementary and its partner United States Sergeant Major Academy. The unit logged in 290 hours.
  • The Outstanding Project Award High School: Chapin and partner 32ndArmy Air and Missile Defense Command. This award recognizes the strengths and commitment of a partnership and its direct influence on student success.
  • The Outstanding Project Award Elementary: Nixon and partner 3-43rdAir Defense Artillery Regiment, 11ADA.
Story by Reneé de Santos – EPISD