Four-Year-Old El Paso Native Battling Cancer in Urgent Need of Lifesaving Blood Stem Cell Donor

As four-year-old El Paso native Dak Lopez battles acute myeloid leukemia (AML), he and his family have partnered with DKMS, the world’s largest blood stem cell donor center, to host a registration drive this Saturday to identify potential lifesaving donors.

Dak’s recent diagnosis was a shock to his family, who was told he would need a blood stem cell transplant to survive.

According to DKMS, 70% of people suffering from blood-related illnesses must rely on donors outside of their families to save their life. Minorities are severely underrepresented in the global donor pool, making it difficult for Hispanic patients, like Dak, to find a matching donor. To address this, anyone in good health (especially members of the Hispanic community) between ages 18-55 is encouraged to attend the drive. Potential registrants will review medical eligibility, fill out a registration form, swab the insides of their cheeks, and return their completed packet before leaving the drive. Folks who cannot attend the registration drive on Saturday can register by ordering a free swab kit via

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