Franklin teacher featured in music tech publication

An industry catalogue for music education equipment features Franklin High’s Stefan Schyga, a Grammy-nominated musician and New Tech teacher, sharing his skills with the next generation of artists.

The Sweetwater’s Music Educators Technology Resource Spring catalogue details Schyga’s life as a musician, his decision leading him into the classroom and how the state-of-the-art technology he implemented in the New Tech music production class gives students real-world experiences. The bi-annual merchandise catalog dedicates several pages to educating customers and readers on the latest technologies and how to use them.

“Three issues ago we decided it would be great to feature educators from around the country that have built amazing programs using technology to teach and inspire their students,” said Vern Crews, director of Sweetwater Music Education Technology. “I knew then I wanted to feature Stefan and his program in one of our issues.”

Schyga is both honored and humbled by the recognition in the nationally-distributed catalogue. His program is one of the first schools to offer this type of program in Texas.

“I think it is amazing that it shines the spotlight on Franklin High School, NewTech and EPISD,” he said. “We are at the forefront of developing a program that is not common place in public schools. The article gives us credibility.”

Michael Phillips, executive director of 21st Century Learning, attributes the success and credibility to Schyga himself.

Stefan Schyga | Photo courtesy Stefan Schyga

“Having Stefan and the music production program featured in Sweetwater, speaks to the caliber of the musician and educator that he is,” Phillips said. “He is not only an accomplished musician but an educator who connects with students and brings all of his experiences from the real world to his classroom.”

Schyga began collaborating with Sweetwater to develop the music production lab in 2016 – a year before its launch. Crews wanted to showcase the program, technology and experience Schyga offers students.

“This is where the technology Stefan exposes his students to comes into play,” Crews said. “For every one artist, there are dozens of people behind the scene editing, mixing, producing, crafting and creating.”

Schyga guides his students through every step, encouraging and teaching them the tools to take their craft to a professional level. Even during the pandemic, students are still working and creating from home.

“My students are doing some great stuff,” he said. “Since they’re lacking some recording resources, we are focusing on the creative idea. When they come back in the fall, we can work on recording these ideas professionally.”

His hope for his students: “If they can understand that learning – not just music – should be fun, they will be set for life.”

Story by Reneé De Santos  |  Photos by Stefan Schyga – EPISD