Photo courtesy Frontera/Facebook

Frontera Land Alliance Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve now Texan by Nature Certified project

On Monday, officials with The Frontera Land Alliance (Frontera), announced that their Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve was recently certified as a Texan by Nature Project.

“This acknowledges that the Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve provides meaningful conservation efforts involving and benefitting people, prosperity, and natural resources,” Frontera officials shared.

The official Texan by Nature Project designation was made on April 23,2020.

Texan by Nature Certification Program is to provide a path for small, medium, and large organizations to receive recognition for all types of projects, allowing them to share their accomplishments and inspire others to take part in conservation.

Back on December 23rd, 2005, Frontera became the owner of the 91 acres now known as the Charlie Wakeem/Richard Teschner Nature Preserve of Resler Canyon (Resler Canyon).

“From that day on the land has been managed by Frontera as a nature preserve,” Frontera officials added. “The main objectives for the land are to manage existing wildlife habitat, address erosion, improve the natural habitat, and provide a safe and natural area for the general public to hike on a pre-existing trail.”

Additionally, Frontera holds biannual community clean-up days in the spring and fall, and works to re-vegetate areas of the canyon impacted by erosion, illegal dumping and drainage repair work.

The Frontera Land Alliance, a 501 C(3) a nationally accredited non-profit, conserves water and wildlife resources forever through the preservation of open land and education. To learn more, visit their website or call 915-351-8352.

Texan by Nature is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush to align the broad interests of conservation groups with business, healthcare, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations. Their stated mission is to spur Texan-led conservation that produces tangible benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources.