• January 24, 2022
 Gallery+Info: 2019 Casa Cup at Ascarate Golf Course

Gallery+Info: 2019 Casa Cup at Ascarate Golf Course

Players from around the Borderland took to the chilly greens of the Ascarate Golf Course Saturday morning to begin the competition for the 2019 Casa Cup.

Under an electric blue sky, punctuated with steely grey and white clouds, the duffers broke into three flights for the competition, which is the first of monthly tournaments that will run through November.

For the first flight of players, Anthony Fonseca and Marlon Malacara took the top spot; in the second group, Alfred Nava and Kiki Ortiz secured first’ and for the third group, Ruben Torres-Carrasco and Alfredo Valdez-Vasquez snagged first.

Photos courtesy Alfredo Lopez

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