El Paso County Sheriff’s Office gets back up: Volunteers, employees sew masks

During this time when first responders and front line personnel are having some difficulty finding additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a dedicated group of volunteers, employees, family members answered the call.

The Sheriff’s Foundation, along with Walmart – who graciously donated material needed to make additional masks for EPCSO personnel – took to providing extra masks for El Paso County Sheriff’s Office members who needed them most.

The project was led by Mrs. Sharon Chavarria, wife of Deputy Gonzo Chavarria and Ms. Lulu Greenup, the sister of Public Information Office director Chris Acosta; along with crafters Brissa Guevara, Liz Montes, Lupe Olivas, Mayra Webber, Amanda Chavarria, Martha Furtney, Mary Anne Benson, Lisa Miertschin.

With speed and dedication, the team sewed 280 black/blue line masks for the Law Enforcement Bureau, 150 colorful masks for the Civilians and provided material for 700 masks given to the Detention Bureau.

The team was also assisted by members of the EPCSO’s Community Service Section.

Photos courtesy EPCSO