• May 18, 2022
 Gallery+Story: New Porsche Dealership Races back into El Paso Market

Porsche Dealership in El Paso Texas, Andres Acosta / El Paso Herald-Post

Gallery+Story: New Porsche Dealership Races back into El Paso Market

There is one word that can perfectly describe the new Porsche El Paso dealership: Meticulous. Being an self-admitted, kool-aide-drinking Porschephile myself, I have nothing but good things to say about everything Porsche.

Since my first ’76 911S some 20 years ago (after a Jaguar mistake), I always loved Porsches – and always thought I understood why.

Watching videos online about new developments in the company, as well as witnessing Porsche’s overall victory at The 24 Hours of Le Mans (via online) twice in my lifetime, had always been enough to keep me going as a die-hard fanboy.

After receiving a personal tour of the incredible new and technologically advanced Porsche Dealership, I’ve never been more sure.

Starting from the moment you walk in the doors, you are neither ignored nor received by a pretentious salesperson, but rather by some of the most knowledgeable Porsche people in town.

Admittedly, even I learned a few things during my tour, which was conducted by the El Paso Porsche General Manager, Mr. Jeff Pester.

General Manager Jeff Pester of the Porsche Dealership in El Paso Texas, Andres Acosta / El Paso Herald-Post

If the name Pester sounds familiar, it’s because Jeff and his family have been avid local motorsports enthusiasts and racers for longer than most of us have been driving.

Jeff is no different, with his dad starting him off early – teaching him how to work on various cars (including Porsches) when he was in junior high.

As Jeff got older, he started working at a local motorsports shop as a mechanic, where his experience became prevalent as he excelled.

Of course, being the person Jeff is – he was simultaneously a UTEP student and a performance car mechanic, until graduating with his Bachelor’s in retail.

After spending the next 12 1/2 years as the General Manager at Land Rover in Santa Fe, Jeff was tapped to come back to El Paso to become the General Manager for the all-new Porsche Dealership.

Now that you know the GM at Porsche El Paso can handle everything you would need, from an oil change to buying a new Porsche – it’s time to come see for yourself.

The showroom is stunning, not only due to the amazing vehicles but also the particular modern architecture and ambiance.

Jeff explained to me that every Porsche dealership must follow rigorous standards that are set forth (and inspected) by Porsche itself: from the organization of equipment and tools in the shop – to where clothing racks and furniture is placed inside the showroom.

Again – meticulous design.

Tour of the Porsche Dealership in El Paso Texas, Andres Acosta / El Paso Herald-Post

The glass walls offer a level of privacy without sacrificing the open feel and design of the floor plan. There is not one place you can stand without seeing a Porsche. There is no clutter or gimmicks, which is a testament to the company in how the vehicles are designed and built.

A better statement would be that Porsche isn’t a car – it is an ideal.

Not ready to buy a new Porsche? Most people aren’t – however there is a vast selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Porsches (and a few “other” vehicles) available.

When I purchased my last 911, it was a CPO (Certified pre-owned) and was just like buying a new Porsche – as there are quite a few points each vehicle has to pass to be considered CPO – due to the extended full warranty that goes with them.

That said, I never had to use the warranty because the cars are incredibly built with virtually bulletproof motors.

Also, I’ve put 70,000 miles on my Porsche in the last four years, including several cross-country Dustball Rallies. Couldn’t do that in your Corolla, or your Ferrari.

If you already own a Porsche and need maintenance, there is literally a person waiting for you inside the “Bat-cave.” Come in for service, and you’ll see why it’s called the Bat-cave. Also the answer to your question is yes, they will perform maintenance on your 1976 911s and your 2015 918 – no need to go to Scottsdale or Germany.

They may not work on your Ferrari or Lamborghini – but face it – you rarely drive it, anyway; And when you do – it’s to the coffee shop.

If you don’t own a Porsche, but do own the hottest rims in town, be sure to give them a call about tire changes. Most people reading this article are thinking “why not just go to CheapTireGuy and get them changed?” Most people do not own actual performance wheels, so the fear is real: No more cringing while the tire guy uses a crowbar to get your latest Y-rated tires off of the 22″ wheels you just dropped $5k on.

In the spotless, lab-like expanse that is the service area, the tire change/balance machine is completely touchless, using laser alignment and balancing for virtually any size tire/wheel.

This is like discovering gold for all local motorsports enthusiasts, not just Porsche people.

Tour of the Mechanic Shop at the Tour of the Porsche Dealership in El Paso Texas, Andres Acosta / El Paso Herald-Post

Also housed on the same floor, is the latest in four-wheel alignment technology, because Porsches wins races — that require turning (both left and right).

The waiting area is a fishbowl with visibility throughout, including a wall of glass that separates it from the service area. The back lot houses seemingly endless rows of covered parking for even more inventory, just in case they don’t have what you want on the showroom floor or the front lots.

If nothing in the entire inventory satisfies you, then a visit to the design center is your next stop, where you can spend countless hours designing your dream car. There are actual leather and paint samples, accompanied by a digital interface to aid you in this endeavour.

After having been in all types of dealerships, Porsche is the only one that instantly feels to be more about the cars and customers, than about commissions and khakis.

Anyone that visits is treated with a level of respect and kindness, nothing more. By the same token remember that the new Porsche dealership is exactly that – a dealership.

It is a business with customers and employees, not a museum for tire kickers that just want to sit in, or “test-drive” a Porsche. I cannot stress this enough, after having attempted to sell a Porsche locally, after 17 test-drives it was sold to a farmer from Odessa (that never test-drove it).

If you are truly in the market and you’ve finally figured out that owning a Porsche just makes sense, know that it does – and there’s always one waiting for you at the finish line. So just skip ahead and go buy one today.

Gallery by Andres ‘Ace’ Acosta – Chief Photographer – El Paso Herald Post

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